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"11 years ago, I went to a Happy Non Smoker session run by Mark and have NEVER looked back!

After years of trying patches, cold turkey and gum and failing miserably every time, there is no better solution out there than Mark and his Happy Non Smoker sessions! It really does work!"

Success Story - Irene Neira

"Hi Mark, Firstly I would like to say THANK YOU, I have not felt so good in like forever!

I have QUIT smoking for good!!! It was SO EASY to quit smoking as I have tried to quit before to no avail but now I can truly say, I AM A HAPPY JOYOUS NON SMOKER!!!! "

Success Story - Andrew Flanders

"Hi Mark, Coming up day 26, have not felt so good in as long as I can remember. Over 35 years of smoking and am so over it thanks to your help.

Have been to numerous social events with smokers of all types of social smoking and am still clean. Will keep you informed of my “HAPPY JOYOUS NON SMOKER STATUS” (still a Happy Non Smoker – 10 years on)"

Success Story - Geoff (Gold Coast)

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